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The History of NGR

     The story beings with the purchase of a '69 Cuda in April 2004, from Irv Turner of Russelville Arkansas. Irv Turner was campaigning her as an 8th mile bracket car. Off the transport and to the track, she consistently ran Mid 10s the first time out. After several alterations, they were ready to race but needed a name. Next Generation Racing, LLC. Was founded in April 2005. The crew consisted of Tracy Miller Sr, Renee Donovan, TJ Miller, JP Miller, Joe Decker and Steve Allen. Tracy and TJ were the first to drive the Cuda and eventually JP became the main driver. This car ran very consistently. JP's reaction time of .001 earned him the right to be feared by all. He became a real intimidator with a 1.369 60ft time, a 5.945s at 127.62 MPH, and a 9.120 at 150.55MPH. The Cuda was named Lil' Bit after Shannon O'Connor, which then produced the Mini Bit name for the Golf Kart. The car had several major alterations and became a 780 HP naturally asperated beast with two stages of nitrous. There was a terrible accident which left the Cuda in shambles but thankfully the driver alive and well. Next Generation Racing, LLC. then purchased an alcohol fuel injected Road Runner for Renee.

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